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Custom Painted Furniture 


Adrienne Williamson

hand painted black and white stripes on an antique chest with curved lines

navy and white striped small armoire dresser with a gold anchor and a name painted on the front

Angel Wing Furniture

painted armoire taupe and light blue with angel wings on the front

inside of angel wing armoire

Hand painted dresser with Angel Wings on a Aqua Background


Graffiti Style 

Girls dresser hand painted with a graffiti styled design

Hand painted girls vanity with a graffiti styled design

Vanity desk top painted with graffiti style design

My Owls Era 

For several years owls were requested to be painted on everything I did. The next few photos are from that period of time.


Hand painted chest of drawers aqua with purple and pink owls on it

Inside drawers of a hand painted aqua chest of drawers with owls

Bench toy chest painted with owls and embellished with jewels

Beautiful hot pink dresser with hutch painted in a whimsical style of owls and funny sayings

decoupaged french provincial dresser for girls bedroom with owls

 painted old time school desk 1 of 2

old school desk side view painted with owls

old time school desk painted with colorful owls

side view of second school desk with colorful owls

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