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Hi, I'm Adrienne, resident artist and painter extraordinaire.  Active in the arts since I was a child, and really encouraged to create throughout my life by family and teachers ever since I can remember. 

I received my first sewing lesson at age five, complete with my own sewing machine. And I remember countless hours sitting next to my grandmas learning other handcrafts, but particularly crochet.

Living in Fort Worth, I was a western artist for several years, so occasionally you will see some western or Texas Folk art offered in the hand painted originals section. Cowboys and Cowgirls painted on glass and home decor.

Here you will find custom hand painted out-of-the-ordinary embellished overalls and other hand painted denim, Custom painted shoes like Converse and Vans, custom painted glassware, and hand painted furniture, murals, wall art and room decor for all ages. 

I have painted for all walks of life all around the world. Selling to boutiques in Dubai, New Zealand, Hong Kong and of course, the United States. My local Texas clients keep me busy as well. I am very blessed to be able to create what I love for a living as well as a way of life. 

I have been sewing, crocheting, knitting, spinning and weaving since a very young age. I use many vintage and trendy textiles, fabrics, and linens, and other materials of the highest quality for both my children's clothing line and my hand woven home decor line. Nothing here is mass produced - each item is lovingly hand painted or woven and custom hand made especially for you at the time of purchase. Many people ask me how I came up with my business name. Dreamin'Bohemian. Well my father's mom was Bohemian, and she was so inspiring to me, from her cooking, to her crochet and other handwork. My mother was an art student in college as well, and many members of my family have that artistic ability.



**Care Instructions**
Each item you purchase from me will come with its individual care instructions for washing. The clothing is washable with a mild detergent. Please turn the clothing inside out, and wash on cold, and line dry or lay flat. Do not place in the dryer, for this can and will destroy some of the paints and trims I use.
For handpainted glass, handwashing is recommended. The paints are heatset on the glass, but if left in the washing machine in the moist heat, it has been known to remove some of the paint.

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