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Custom Painted Ugg Boots with Cross

Ugg Boots painted with a cross that is designed after the American Flag.

Complete with crystals outlining the design. 

Custom painted UGG boots designed with a cross with the american flag filling in design and complete with crystalls outlining

I offer my UGG boot painted designs in two different ways.

You can request my address upon purchase of the design, or I will purchase the boots for you. 

Here are some more pictures. This particular pair is designed on their traditional chestnut color, but I can paint the design on any color boot. Your order will default for Chestnut boots as pictured. 

chestnut colored UGG boots with hand painted american flag designed cross on the back.

front of chestnut colored ugg boots painted with a heart on the top of the ankle foot of the boot

Hand Painted Black Converse High Tops Rainbow Phoenix

rainbow phoenix converse

Custom Painted Rainbow Phoenix Bird Black High Top Converse Sneakers for

Men or Women.



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